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Colorful ceramic urn fountains make for an upbeat decor. The sizes, textures and colors are fun!

Placed on a colorful rock foundation will brighten up your entryway - putting a smile on those who pass.

Notice the kitty accent climbing up the urn fountain to get a drink of water.
Here is a slick concept to try - let the water pour though jugs hanging from your pergola roof into a trough below. You can feed the water back up along the pergola support. This is open to many design styles and colors.
Lighting up the exterior of your water fountain can make a spectacular effect as well as installing submersible lights in the bowls. Our LED lights can be used on land as well as under water.
Your water fountain pool can be made from rustic stone to blend in with the natural settings in your yard. A fiberglass pool can be used to contain the water or you can seal the pond well. Surrounding the basic structure that would be an outdoor wall for the masonry. Here, the pump is hidden in the lower compartment (sturdy enough to support the weight of the fountain), and the electrical wiring is neatly hidden underground.

I've always liked the idea of aquatic plants growing in a water fountain. They give it more life and color. This display has shell flower (water lettuce. It's illegal in some states.) in the foreground, Radicans is the white overhanging flowers, and it looks like an arrowhead surrounding the base feature. It could be taro or caladium. Try something different today!

The shell flower as shown does not like moving water and won't fare well in this setting because it needs nutrients to grow, etc. There are some aquatic plants that are known for being grown in statuaries of this nature, such as the parrot feather, but that plant is also illegal in many states.

When selecting the color finish for your water fountain, the colors and textures of your surrounding flowers, home, wall will play a part. The color of this water fountain blends well with the flower garden backdrop.
Look carefully at the front of this water fountain display. It has a module (nautilus shell?) that sprays the water into the fountain pool for an unique show.

The central statue is a mythical dancer frolicking with a flowing scarf.

A beautiful garden of brilliant flowers and bushes envelopes the ground pool helping to keep children and dogs out of the water.
A flange is a unique idea for your water spitter. If you have a hard time finding a flange, then think about using a nozzle for a sprayer. This lion fountain is Fontana dell' Obelisco, a lion fountain by night at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Italy.
This is a delightful design for the rustic countryside setting. The rock wall and wood tub blend nicely with the surroundings. Ensure to water-proof the tub. Place a couple colorful statuettes in the nooks to finish the design.
This wall fountain with wall bowls is an example of how you can make an alcove into a dynamic experience. Add some color and a bench and sit in solitude or chat with your friends in private.
When designing a water fountain, enhance its display with the surroundings. This one naturally frames the fountain with ivy plants giving it a nice presentation. Ensure to trim the climbing plants to confirm to your design.
An aged fountain is unique and will delight your guests and neighbors who look upon it. Simply let the moss grow or add some natural moss. This fountain has algal buildup that climbs over the tiers for a different appearance. You can see some moss at the bottom on the next tier.

Ensure to have a prefilter on your pump to extend its life (We recommend a pump sock from Trickers.
Beautifully age your fountain by allowing the moss to grow around the motif. This cherub fountain is the perfect design for aging because the style is from the 15th - 16th centuries. Ensure to maintain a filter and pre-filter on your pump to keep it running free.
Lines play an important role in blending your decor elements. This landscaped fountain has a straight-line style with an octagonal urn base, square pond, square walkway. The bench should follow the same and not have curved lines.

The plants add to this theme with straight leaves on the irises.

Scuppers (channels through which the water flows) on the urn fountain contributes to the theme with the long narrow water flow. Scuppers emanate a sound of pouring water whereas sheeting water without scuppers is quieter.
As you walk by, this fountain shows off a wonderful display to give some life to the landscape walkway. At the edge of a pergola and surrounded by planters, it makes a nice wall for an outdoor room.
Many of our clientele use fountain masks to decorate their pool. This shows one unique design where lion heads are spitting water into a classical pedestal urn in the pool below.
The backdrop of some fountains is important. Here, the urn fountain is against a decorative wall separating the home from the street view. The arch design is popular for this design. The curves of the urn are in sync with the curves of the wall. Plants surrounding this are at a good density and height so as to not overwhelm the main urn fountain feature. The plants are taller in the middle and taper to smaller at the edges to match the arch design.
This do-it-yourself design is a nice installation that uses ordinary concrete blocks/bricks to trim the pool rim. The pool is lined with pond liner to keep the water contained. The pedestal appears to be a tree stump that is protected by the liner. We highly recommend against using wood directly in your fountain water because it will eventually decay and mess up your display. Do not use treated wood because the chemicals can leach into the water and poison any wildlife that stops for a drink.
This Fleur de Lys tiered fountain display is completed with fourn planters at the poolside. A couple lights outside the pool will light up the fountain at nighttime for a wonderful display.
Do you have a narrow long space and want to liven it up? Here is an idea where water flows from bowl to bowl to a receiving basin. This is great for a short space with a couple bowls, a longer space - curved or not.
Have you ever thought about installing a water fountain in the river by your home? Or, if you live at the lake's shore, you can install it in the lake? They provide a benefit by oxygenating the waters as it flows by.
Bamboo is ideal for fountain displays because of its resilience in water. You can find bamboo in hobby shops. The basin here uses geometric forms surrounded by natural rock with moss growing on it. The underground basin collects the water where the recirculating pump sits.
Replication is used by many designers for a consistent and clean pattern. Here, you'll see water spouts set against a geometric diamond tile background. The water pours into the waiting pool or pond.
Placing the tiered fountain atop a terraced landscape makes for a stunning display. This gives the fountain a taller appearance. Notice how all the white color in the display blends nicely to contrast against the green plants.
This water display shows the use of plants to give it color and a fresh appearance. The vines are shaped to grow around the curve of the arch. The lilies in the bottom basin finish of the design with flair. You can design this without the ground basin and recirculate the water from the upper basin to the lion head.
Imagine yourself walking barefoot along this groomed path to sit by this fountain. Notice how the tall fountain is placed among the tall trees - the shape of the water spray blends will with the tree lines while the rectangular bushes match the pool. This fountain is located so the the sun lights up the water feature.
Here is a novel idea to have your wall fountain mask spitting into an old tub with feet. You can use the drain for the plumbing and electrical feeds. A rubber stopper with a hole in the middle for the power cord can be used.
A good design is a consistent one. An easy way is to get plenty of water spouts or spitters and line them up, then turn on the water. These spouts can be by a poolside or a channel that runs to another water reservoir.
Here is an example of a floor-against-wall fountain placed against a hedge fence. Put your imagination to work and think of where, in your backyard, that needs some decorating - some attention with flair. The sound of the tricking water out the spout grabs your guest's attention to look in that direction.

The deep orange terracotta urns and deep blue tile make a better contrast than the fountain. Your eyes are drawn to the ground pool, not the central fountain making this a less desirable design.

Larger tiles on a large decor make a much nicer presentation because the sizes are more in balance. Perhaps using a darker grout will remove this checkerboard effect.

The lines are inconsistent: curved urns with horizontal lines, curved fountain with vertical lines, and the square tiles on the urn bases and pool are not in harmony.

To work with this, think about replacing the pool tile with a design that better matches the fountain shape. Or, if you like the blues, then color the fountain with bold yellows and oranges to match the urns.