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Kneeling Archer Statue

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31" H x 11" W x 12" L
Weight: 123 lbs

Shown in

Relic Barro (RB)


Cast stone (concrete) with weather-tested color finish - Custom made to order.


Color finish of your choice

Not Included


The archer once held a crossbow. The base inscription identifies him as "Qin Imperial Dynasty Terracota Archer".

Two thousand years ago, Qin Shi Huangdi, first Emperor of China, created an array of life-sized terra cotta soldiers to guard his tome and wage war after his death. Discovered in Xian, China in 1974, over 7000 sculpted soldiers and war horses buried in military formation instantly emerged as one of the great archaeological finds. This statue is one of three that we offer are a faithful reproduction of the characters typical of the Qin terra cotta army. Their size and expressions make these Oriental statues ideal accents for your home and garden, indoors or outdoors.

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Kneeling Archer Statue

Item Number: 3043

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OPTIONAL: Paint/Stain Touch-Up Kit
Include touch-up kit NOTE: Touch-up kits are NOT available for the RELIC Colors. Please do not order a touch-up kit if you are ordering a Relic color.
OPTIONAL: Optional Base # 7042.

We can request a rush production on this item to 1.5-2 weeks WITH FACTORY APPROVAL. Please contact us for approval before you purchase. Add transit time to that time to estimate your delivery time.
Rush production to ship (not deliver) in 7-10 business days.

Kneeling Archer Statue

Item Number: 3043

Lead time to ship: 3-4 weeks

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  3. Construction. We need to know if the site is a construction site because the rate may be different than other destinations.

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Some truckers carry a pallet jack to move your crate beyond the back of the truck. We always request this but cannot promise it as it is not a service the trucking company offers. The driver may or may not have a pallet jack. You can rent a pallet jack for the day from a local rental center.

Do not expect the trucking company to set up your fountain or place your statue in it's resting location. I would not recommend this as they are not trained in dealing with installation services.

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