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Garda 3-Tier Pond Outdoor Concrete Water Fountain

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Colors may display or print differently than theMade in USA actual product.

Item No. 1174nn (fgt)


An ornate fountain with artichoke finial atop decorative scupper-like bowls to channel the water below. The ground pool is one piece with curbing motif to complete the design.

Designer Style


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68" H x 66" Diameter

Shown in

Cotto (CT)


Cast stone concrete with weather-tested finish. Custom made to order.


Color finish of your choice

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Garda 3-Tier Pond Outdoor Concrete Water Fountain

Item Number: 1174nn (fgt)

*REQUIRED: Color Choices.
Click here to view colors for this concrete patio, lawn or garden decor.

*REQUIRED: Do you want to include the recommended submersible water pump?

OPTIONAL: Paint/Stain Touch-Up Kit
Include touch-up kit.

OPTIONAL: Submersible and On Land LED Lights
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Most fountains being installed today include lighting — either submerged or on land. Fountains are attractive during the day; however, their beauty is immeasurably more intense at night.

Colored lights have different transmission values and to balanced the brightness, this should be taken into consideration. Relative light transmission values are approximately as follows: Clear White — 100%; Amber — 50%; Green — 25%; Red — 15%; Blue — 15%. Different shades of these basic colors will, or course, affect the light transmission.

Underwater light kits include lights and a transformer. Each LED light is about 3.3 watts and illuminates brightly. The LED lights can be used out of water for landscape path lighting.

The nozzle lights are smaller and perfect for urn fountains or water fountains with a small bowl.

OPTIONAL: Water Fountain Maintenance Supplies
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Garda 3-Tier Pond Outdoor Concrete Water Fountain

Item Number: 1174nn (fgt)

Lead time to ship: Between April and September, production time is 6-8 weeks. Other times, production time is 4-6 weeks.

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Installation, Warranty

Download instructions here.

All warranties are through the factory or supplier, not Gardecor®. We will assist where we can with your warranty claim.

One (1) year limited factory warranty.

Color Finishes

These wonderful colors are durable and have proven to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Here are your color choices for this garden decor. Click image swatch to view larger image.

The color, Antico, arrives green and needs a few weeks to age to the color shown. Spraying with water and setting in the sun will help to expedite the aging process to green.

Cast Stone Concrete Color Finishes.NOTE: Colors are not guaranteed to be exactly what you see on your monitor or printed page. To receive color samples on cast stone media, first request a quotation. When you receive your quote and are still interested in purchasing it from us, send us an email with the colors you would like to have. We will send up to 2 complimentary colors. If you need more, please phone us to place a special order for more samples on cast stone.

To request a quotation,

1. Configure and put this in your cart.

2. Take it to checkout.

3. Complete checkout.

4. Look for an email confirmation that your quote request has been sent to us.

We will prepare a quote for your review. Please allow 1-2 working days for us to research the best rate for you.

If the final price is within your budget, then request the samples from us.

Phone us if you have any questions at all about the order, delivery and installation process. We are here to help this go as smoothly as possible for you.


Please visit our Learning Center to read about caring for your outdoor cast stone fountain, statue, furniture or lawn ornament. There, you'll read about general information for fountains and statues, find water fountain and lawn statue installation instructions, discover facts about cast stone, and learn how to maintain your water fountain and prepare it for winter.

The cast stone is a concrete product, not cut or shaped natural stone. The concrete in this cast stone product contains various dimensions of Connecticut white limestone aggregate, some mason’s sand, Type 2 Portland Cement, a concrete super plasticiser, an air entraining agent, a shrinkage inhibitor, and only just enough water to make it workable (a maximum of a 25% slump). The material consistently tests to a pressure strength over 5000 PSI.

The natural color of this mixture is light grey. This cast stone product will go through a chemical reaction called efflorescence. First exposure of the new concrete to acid rain, wind and sun results in the salts being drawn out of the cast stone to the surface of the product. The result is usually white streaks or an overall chalk like appearance. As the product is continually exposed to the weather these drips and stains will fade away and the limestone aggregate will begin to become more exposed.

We suggest using a non-shrink grout when mortaring cast stone products together. This grout will often need to be touched up to match the light color of our products, we can provide a touch up mix for this purpose for this product.


This outdoor decor is covered by a manufacturer's LIMITED warranty for one (1) year after purchase. This is a manufacturer's warranty, not Gardecor's. 

Your shipment will be insured. After delivery, neither Gardecor, Inc. nor the factory will be responsible for any broken or damaged items. Make sure that you or the people handling the products are careful with all the merchandise.

Our Value-Added Program includes assistance with your claim by our trained and experienced mediator. We have successfully turned around some denied claims with proper documentation and photos that customers provided.

NOTE: The warranty does not cover damage from white scale, lime scale, calcium buildup, or efflorescence. Read more about properly maintaining this water fountain here (this is the same document as the Installation document).

This manufacturer of garden ornaments has been designing and manufacturing quality fine garden ornaments including fountains, planters, benches, and statuary in the USA since 1993.

Neither Gardecor, Inc. nor the manufacturer are responsible for cracks due to filling hot fountains with cold water and vice versa, improper winter storage, or off-applications (used for something other than for what it was produced). Do not fill a fountain with water when the fountain is hot to the touch, cold water can cause cracks in the fountain. Do not add anything to the water unless it is specifically formulated for concrete as well as the color finish. If you purchase water treatment, test it on a small hidden part to ensure the color doesn't change or the concrete doesn't dissolve or the color doesn't change. Do not add salts around or to the fountain.


NOTE: Hard water can damage the cast stone. Here is a map from the USGS showing areas of hard water, the red and white areas. To be certain, check your local water department because hard water areas can be localized. Such damage can void your warranty. Consider using a water softener additive to your fountain water after testing it on a hidden part of the fountain.

Hard Water Areas in the USA.


This item ships via "freight", a shipping company that delivers large and heavy merchandise (not UPS or FedEx). Quotations are the fair way to determine shipping to your location. Our customers and clientele have saved $tens to $hundreds on the final price with our quotations. Your total price will be locked in for a defined time for you to make the right decision to purchase from Gardecor®.

To receive a free Gardecor® Special Quote, put this in your cart and complete checkout. When we receive your request, we will research the best freight rate for you.

Freight shipment with a lift-gate in residential area.

NOTE: You may have found this elsewhere with "free" shipping. The shipping rate was built into the price. Now, if you order two items, the shipping rate should not be twice as much as one; however, if the shipping rate were built into the price and advertised as "free shipping", then you would, indeed, pay twice as much for the shipping. Also, destinations close to the factory have a much lower shipping rate than destinations afar. This is taken into consideration when we prepare your quotation and you pay the fair rate.

What types of delivery can I have?
Freight shipments are complex because of the steps involved transporting and delivering large and heavy goods. Here are the types of deliveries involved.


  1. Residential. We always request scheduled delivery for residential deliveries. The trucking company will contact you when your shipment arrives at the receiving depot and no sooner.

  2. Commercial. This is an area comprised of businesses. This is not an at-home business. The trucker will arrive unscheduled during normal business hours.

  3. Construction. We need to know if the site is a construction site because the rate may be different than other destinations.

  1. No Lift-Gate. You are responsible for unloading your crate(s) from the truck bed. Once you take possession, you are responsible for damages. If you have a forklift or unloading dock with at least a pallet jack, then you won't need a truck with a lift-gate.

  2. Yes, Lift-Gate.This is also called "curbside delivery". The trucker will leave your crate(s) on the ground behind the truck. They are not supposed to leave it in the street. If you have a skilled driver, they might back into your driveway as a courtesy to you. Remember that they are not obligated to perform additional requests.

  3. Inside delivery is not available for all products. The trucker will bring your items inside your home. They are not obligated to unpack it for you. This is not offered for fountains because fountains require someone who can install it for you. See "White-Glove Service", below.

  4. White-glove Service. This is not available for all products. This is not offered for fountains because fountains require someone who can install the fountain. Generally, a third-party local company is contracted to pick up the merchandise from the main shipper's depot to deliver to you. That specialized trucking company will arrange to bring your items inside, unpack it, set it up and haul away the packing debris.

Some truckers carry a pallet jack to move your crate beyond the back of the truck. We always request this but cannot promise it as it is not a service the trucking company offers. The driver may or may not have a pallet jack. You can rent a pallet jack for the day from a local rental center.

Do not expect the trucking company to set up your fountain or place your statue in it's resting location. I would not recommend this as they are not trained in dealing with installation services.

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