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Duck Pair Water Spitter, med

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Pair of duck water spitters, one standing and one sitting.

Designer Style

Animals: Wildlife

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5" H x 9" L
Other duck is 7.5" H.
Weight: 7 lbs


Brass. Bronze or verdigris patina where shown

Not Included

Pump, tubing.

Sitting ducks, standing ducks, swimming ducks - whatever you want, we have duck water spitters.

Recommend a 240 gph pump.

Price, Buy

Duck Pair Water Spitter, med

Item Number: A325FV

OPTIONAL: 240 gph Kit.
240 gph Pump Kit. 6 ft cord. Includes pump, tubing, clamps and flow restrictor.
Item # PK240
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OPTIONAL: Water Fountain Maintenance Supplies
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Duck Pair Water Spitter, med

Item Number: A325FV

Lead time to ship: 2 weeks from April to September. Otherwise 1 week.

NOW $405.00

About the Bronzes

This garden decor is cast in brass and may have a bronze or other patina.

The basic difference between bronze and brass is bronze contains tin and brass contains zinc – and bronze will cost about 3-4 times as much as brass. How each weathers depends on the composition which can differ with each batch. Bronze is harder than brass, and most people can't tell the difference.

At Gardecor®, both bronze and brass items are correctly labeled.

The brass statue is cast by the labor-intensive, a labor and material intense method of casting molten metal that leaves no mold seams called the lost-wax method. It produces a beautiful product without unsightly seams.


Please visit our Learning Center to read about caring for your outdoor cast stone fountain, statue, furniture or lawn ornament. There, you'll read about general information for fountains and statues, find water fountain and lawn statue installation instructions, discover facts about cast stone, and learn how to maintain your water fountain and prepare it for winter.

The cast stone is a concrete product, not cut or shaped natural stone. The concrete in this cast stone product contains various dimensions of Connecticut white limestone aggregate, some mason’s sand, Type 2 Portland Cement, a concrete super plasticiser, an air entraining agent, a shrinkage inhibitor, and only just enough water to make it workable (a maximum of a 25% slump). The material consistently tests to a pressure strength over 5000 PSI.

The natural color of this mixture is light grey. This cast stone product will go through a chemical reaction called efflorescence. First exposure of the new concrete to acid rain, wind and sun results in the salts being drawn out of the cast stone to the surface of the product. The result is usually white streaks or an overall chalk like appearance. As the product is continually exposed to the weather these drips and stains will fade away and the limestone aggregate will begin to become more exposed.

We suggest using a non-shrink grout when mortaring cast stone products together. This grout will often need to be touched up to match the light color of our products, we can provide a touch up mix for this purpose for this product.

Installation, Warranty

This is a cast stone fountain kit complete with pump, tubing, clamps and easy installation.

For a successful installation, patience is rewarding. Before scheduling installation, ensure that you have everything in satisfactory condition on site. Thoroughly read and understand the installation instructions. Here are some generic installation instructions.

  1. Concrete water fountain with NO ground pool (pdf, new window).
  2. Water Fountain WITH a ground pool (pdf, new window).

Manufacturer's warranty is to the original purchasing consumer for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, against manufacturing defects.

Harsh chemicals such as CLR or TSP have a negative effect on the finish. This practice voids the warranty. Similarly, chemicals such as chlorine, bleach tablets, etc. have a negative effect on the finish AND internal connections. This practice will also voids the warranty.

Lost Wax

About Lost Wax Metal Casting

The lost-wax method of casting is valued because each piece is unique and has no unsightly mold seams. The technique that dates back for thousands of years requires more skill and is more labor intense than other methods. Gardecor® carries only bronze, brass, or other metal statues and fountains that use this method because of its superior results.

 For more information on Lost Wax Metal Casting, visit our Learning Center.

Treating Water

Using water products together?

Do not mix or use different chemical products together when treating your water for whatever reason.

Mixing products such as fish medications and Algae‐Fix for example can cause adverse chemical reactions that could be caustic to fish and plants.

Products that are marked as natural, such as bacteria and enzyme products can be used together with no harm to the environment.

Using Algae‐Fix, InstaFix, D‐Solv9, Algaway 5.4 with any oxidizer such as Algae‐Off or GreenClean will kill fish — and if mixed together outside of the pond could potentially explode and cause injury and contamination of the area.

Always follow the instructions. Ensure that your measuring devices are good and that you know the number of gallons that you are treating. Applying products too often can build up and injure or kill fish, plants, and even wildlife or pets that come in contact with the water.


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